Friday, August 17, 2007


i'm looking for a song that would best describe how i feel right now and it's 'i just can't let go..."

i had this very good friend who said that she's going to write down and collect all of my favorite songs, put them together then you'll know what exactly my life is...

honestly speaking, that is true. my life was built on songs. what another very sensible friend i have. i just realized it and gosh! another mystery unraveled.

days ago, i watched the movie "far and away". beautiful movie. wondrous epic. what makes it beautiful is the story. i was never a fan of a well-crafted visual effects. no pun intended but my eyes don't appreciate that. give me a puzzling screenplay and an amazing cinematography and that's it.

now what connects "i just can't let go" and "far and away"? the "going".

the song tells a story of great love, just wanting to let the love of his life be aware that David Pack(the composer) still cares and needs your love and he just can't let go. huh! i don't agree because he said, i think you know i'm not the one who lied. i ask, why can't he let go of a liar? if i were you, GO!

not that i don't believe in doing your best to make relationship last. just that you've done your part and go on then and enjoy life. find another love. and then again, i ask, can i also let go? my heart replied, i just can't let go. by putting the word "just" i then agreed. well, i also believe that after David wrote the song, he realized it's goodbye forever love.

Ron Howard (director of the film) presents us a twist on letting go. joseph and shannon in the story grew up differently. what he believed is right is what she believes is wrong. you may see it simply as a rich girl becoming poor and a peasant now wearing the suit and having several hats? in one scene, joseph yells: tell me ya like my hat, shannon? and for me, such life's turaround depicts life's struggle to be appreciated but to no avail because it's nothing compared to what she sees before and what she still can do to get more. so the story goes, how could someone go on and chase his dream if everything he does seems nothing to someone special? until another twist of event, he needs to let go. days passed and the wagon train reminded him of their dream. then letting go means coming back again.

the song says goodbye and the film says hello, it's me again.

my phone rings and stops. little things that reminds me of the love that i can't let go or i just can't let go. these reminders tell us that everywhere we go, there's a memory. but the pain lives in the heart that also tells us to stop and GO!

we all share one goal in life, that is love. the means to get there vary. but just keep going. sometimes, some good things need not be pursued right away because right thing at the wrong time is still wrong. my friend told me that and i'm sharing it with you. the space in between love and letting go makes up mind if you still need each other. and the memories and dreams remind you that it's not too late to let go. so when perplexed, GO far and away. you'll see.

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