Sunday, August 19, 2007


Beyond every smile, I am hurting deep inside.

But I continue laughing
As if the world is laughing with me
But deep within these defenses
Is a heart full of conflicts, full of fears.

Beyond believing I succeeded, I failed.

I am just picking up the pieces left
I am just trying to make ends meet
I am just trying to compensate,
I am just trying to anticipate for whatever this road will take me.

Beyond every word is a make believe.

Beyond me saying ‘no’ is ‘yes’
Yes, I am falling, free falling
Beyond me saying ‘never again….’
Is the fact that here I go again.

Beyond me promising, I’m tearing myself apart.

One promise I keep in mind.
One promise I swear to God.
I wholeheartedly accept it. I’ll face it.
I hope I can survive.

Beyond sleepless nights is a good morning.

Revitalized by the thought
Of seeing the one you love.
Of the dreaming you just had
Of the stealing glances to have

Beyond imagination I’d like you closer to me.

In my lap, I’d like to see you sleeping
I’ll caress your hair ‘til it turns gray.
I’ll hold your nose ’til you hardly breathe
I’ll smile that by then I am watching you.

Beyond dreaming I’d like waking up with you.

I’d be the first to see you open your eyes in the morning.
I’d laugh at your flown away hair in the morning.
How about a kiss to wake you up in the morning
Or a warm embrace to keep you in my arms sleeping?

Beyond loving you now I’d like to see you frowning.

You’ll be mad but inside me I’m laughing.
I won’t allow you to go but I’d like to miss you.
I’ll go far but keep coming back to see you.
I’ll see you go but I’ll just be here waiting for you.

Beyond you loving me I’m thanking you.

Thankful that I just fall in love again
That I’ll be the person I want to be
That I’ll be singing songs with you
That I’ll be thinking with you.

Beyond loving you then I’d let you be who you are.

I’d let you choose. I’d let you decide.
I’d let you go, I’d let you leave.
I’d let you change your mind.
I’ll keep your heart beating every moment in time.

Beyond saving a space in my heart for you, I’ll say sorry.

For loving you much at the wrong place and time.
For disturbing your life and your lifetime
For letting you know how I feel
For hurting my heart then and again until the end.

Beyond this telling you I should stop.

But I want you to tell me to continue.
Feeling all the love in the world could offer
Knowing we’ll never be until forever
My share of sacrifice to linger.

Beyond letting go, my heart wants to keep

To hell with this heart.
For in this life we’ll never be.
But in my heart there’s a place for you.
I’ll remain. I’ll treasure times of my life with you.

Beyond loving you I have to go.

Beyond this goodbye I leave my heart for

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