Sunday, February 1, 2009

MY FIRST DELL ELITE AWARD & ETC (My Idea about Rewards & Recognition)

Soon as I found out of my first Dell Elite award, I informed my CE coach. He was just as happy but reminded me not to sit on my laurel. He said that I continue doing what’s right and take every opportunity along the way.

Then I informed my friends, they’re so proud of me.

Then I informed my family who were never surprised because they know how I work hard.

I failed to inform someone who absorbed all my worries and all my complaints on my first few months at work. I failed and intended not to do so because I no longer have the strength to say. Deepest in my heart, I’m glad you were there before and how I wished you’re always here.

Years and years before, my idea about success is finding in my heart to care for somebody else. I put it in action in every person I meet and in every person close to my heart. But I never had this feeling of emptiness after achieving something because I just keep working, nothing ever than work.

My best-friend said I was given the award for my focus but I said no because it’s like working and working for nothing.

Few years ago, I was also nominated for my previous company’s annual award for best employee. I failed then, failed down to humiliation due to some supervisor’s grandstanding. Failure defined by wrong time.

Before this nomination, I was also recognized by the other company I worked on to abroad. Such award is a description of sweet success. That time, everyone else is failing; I shine above the rest with the recognition. I never competed with anybody. I just worked as I usually do and they said I’m good.

After each reward and recognition, do I also reward myself? I wrote about what will make me happy, which is about a way of giving me the little luxury my money can afford.

I agree that getting an award is elevating you with expectations and you are to go further or do even more. That’s why I’m emphasizing my idea to go and succeed for something. Go and experience the true meaning of success for something or someone. As I would notice, each and every acceptance speech is never without, this is for you.

The following month I became one of the top agents for sales and another Elite award. Is this coincidence? Probably, it is God’s way of healing my very broken heart.

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