Friday, February 3, 2012


"I may be growing older, Dear Lord, but I will never outgrow my need to talk with you. I have come a long way in my life, and I thank you for helping me get this far. May you continue to watch over me each day.

You are my dearest Friend and keeper, and You know I had my ups and downs in my life. Although there have been some sorrows, I have always been blessed with many joys and blessings. Now that I am in my later years, please give me the strength and energy to carry on in the best ways I can. I am glad to be alive, Lord. Keep me safe from harm. Let me be free as possible from any health and resources worries.

I hope to take things a little easier at his time in my life. Of course at my age, it is understandable that I am not able to do quite as much as I used to. I am slower now and sometimes it takes me a while to get going. So please help others to be kind, patient and tolerant and understanding towards me. And may I always remember to treat them the same way -- may be even better.

Let me look forward to each new day, Lord. Be merciful and bless my remaining years with happiness and with loved ones especially my family, who care.


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