Sunday, February 1, 2009


As of this writing, it’s final; I’ll be receiving my Dell Elite Award.

Few days after I lost my phone at work, I received an Instant message from my previous teammate. He’s congratulating me for my 3rd Dell Elite Award. It seems like I’m having my own place in the world. Huh!

I got so much to be thankful for despite the loss of my treasured phone.

My new Dell computer, which I won from a company-outing raffle, is making my life better these days. Aside from the fact that it makes me become a better Dell tech support agent, it makes me finish some things I love to do which is writing.

My new teammates ask me what I do alone in my pad. I just tell them, watching movie-marathon but what they don’t know is that I may be alone these days and with few people I talk to but I do what I do best. I’m trying to do my best at work and trying to do the best my computer could work with me.

Thanks for this beautiful job that’s slowly building up what I truly want in life.

Thanks for the one who pushed me to go on with my work when I was just starting up. I still believe in loving you.

Thanks for my ever best lola (grandma) who lifted me up in my trying times. I’m sharing you all this fame and fortune with our family, your family here on earth that I promised to take care of. With you, I know I can never go wrong.

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